Frequently Asked Questions:

So, why’d you leave Funhaus?

You can read┬ámy goodbye post here or listen to my longer explanation here, but essentially I wasn’t happy in LA far away from friends and family and wasn’t enjoying my life anymore so I decided to pack up my things and move back home.

Why don’t you stream anymore?

I’m mostly retired from streaming as of 2020. After 5-ish years of Twitch, gaming started to be less and less fun for me. I’ve been enjoying playing games ‘offline’ instead. I may return at some point, but with less of a focus on games.

Where do you work now?

Currently producing Xbox social content.

Where do you live now?

In the often moist, Pacific Northwest. Outside of Seattle to be more precise.

Do you have a P.O. Box for us to send hats and things to you?

Not at the moment!

Take your shirt off! Nooo. Why not?

I’m not tipsy enough. Alsoooo, Twitch doesn’t like it.